Coincidence has many names and definitions around the many in fact that we can conclude it is a significant part of everyone’s life regardless of country, culture, faith, or interpretation. Perhaps it’s just thinking of someone as they arrive in the doorway… to a complex and elegant web of “chance” meetings, events and timings that coalesce and solve what seemed to be an insurmountable problem.

Some say incredible random good luck, others…the hand of God in answering prayer and still others who order their lives in logical steps of linear actions call this gaping exception to their faith free paradigm, “coincidence”. It is so pervasive that it must have a name even for those who don’t welcome its presence.

Coincidence by all its names has played a leading role in my life lately and especially my trip to DR Congo. It is graceful and more beautiful than the invisible breezes touching lace curtains through open windows or fluttering rolling mountain meadow grasses in affectionate waves.

Rhonda Byrne’s audiobook, The Power has had the greatest impact on my recent life. I recommend it to everyone as the best investment of $20 they could ever make. And I believe the practice of her teachings made this amazing trip possible. In fact, these practices were fundamental to my problem solving for myself and the ocean of human need in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rhonda’s teaching involves the practice of two important things. First the constant mental listing of everything one loves…from the smallest thing like a favorite color or photo of a silly pet to larger things like people we adore and the characteristics we treasure in them. Second, the physical filling of one’s heart with joy and gratitude like a reverse waterfall from below the heart filling the chest and even pouring out the eyes in tears of joy and gratitude.

So here in honor of wonderful “coincidences” by any name and to offer an example of the listing of things I love I begin with the astounding beauty and wonder of coincidence. And following in no special order my mother and sisters, the color of light green, the time I gave CPR to a stillborn puppy and it came back to life with a squeal, the colors peach and purple as they resonate a rhythm in my eyes, John Denver lyrics, “if I had a day that I could give you…” and “you fill up my senses like night in a forest, laughing with friends and anyone who spits out their drink..bursting into laughter at my jokes, gorillas, babies of every kind especially human newborns, birds of every song, size and color, thunder, lightening, and the song of rain on metal roofs, the symbiotic breathing between myself and a gives me oxygen and I give it back my CO2, the multitude of pleasurable sensations from my senses, the sight of a spectacular veiw, some beauty rendering me speechless, hearing sounds of man and nature, the long list of favorite poets and musicians, the babbling brook, the shshshshsh of breeze in trees, my memory of a colt on a lead rope as it finally fell into rhythm of trot and gallop next to my mount, and how it made me feel like Ben Her, gazing deeply into the eyes of my gorilla friend and losing my boundary of humanness, a caged parrot in a store reaching out to clutch my fingertip offering comfort in my darkest hour, the others who love what I love and will carry on my essence after I’m gone, the sense of home I felt on a cattle drive in Montana, watching others courageously act on their deepest desires, and the amazing technology of a tiny camera memory card. Thanks to Rhonda Byrnes this is what goes on in my mind most of the time and it is the foundation for empowerment to make our dreams come true. I have seen it work. I hope you will too.


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