The needs and living conditions of the orphans.

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, Congolese people and certainly the orphaned children are not at fault for their circumstances. In fact, anyone who owns an electronic product in the industrialized world is indirectly culpable for this suffering.

I will do what I can to raise awareness but I will leave the activism to other groups. PEACE for Congo is the only answer for orphans and their communities.

In the meantime I’ve created partnerships with Congolese charities that serve orphans in many parts of North and South Kivu provinces. These organizations do their best to provide safety, food, clothes, shelter and education for these children and infants. There are traditional orphanages housing up to one hundred children with paid caregivers. There are children that are sponsored or waiting for sponsors to attend school who live with foster families. There are smaller unofficial orphanages where generous individuals have opened their  homes and do their very best to obtain adequate food and clothing for the children. And there are also children who live on the streets and fall victim to predators or rebel recruitment.


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