Resisting the urge to run. Part 3

No one can “solve” the problem of orphans in Africa.  As long as they are perceived as a problem, their humanity has been robbed. They are actually referred to as …”it”.  First world people will feel free to dismiss “it”…”the problem” and leave “it” to others to solve. Each of these children is an individual with dreams, fears, talents, potentials and hopes of their own. We don’t need to attack the ocean of need. We just need to stand firm, resist the urge to run and do whatever we can for one child at a time. This could be antibiotics, fruits and vegetables that they rarely get, sponsorship for one child to attend school, becoming a pen pal so one child feels less alone in the world. And the best of all possible actions is to go see for oneself. I highly recommend taking any opportunity to look into their eyes, into their smiles or frowns. Bring a piece of bread for them and watch their faces light up.


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