..I resisted the urge to run.

..I understand why people glaze over when confronted with the overwhelming reality of thousands of frightened and hungry children who are all alone in this world.  It was an absolutely defining moment in my life when I resisted the urge to run and stood firm in the face of the immeasurable needs of these children. I wanted to glaze over…run or forget. But at that moment I realized my responsibility for answering their silent calls was total. It meant everything I could possibly give for the rest of my life. If I gave anything less, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I am asked frequently why I do what I do. The answer is that I am human, I have a heart and I have time left on this earth to make a difference to some of these children. A little voice in my head asked the question, “If not me, then who?” The answer was “no one”, “no one at all”.


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