Greed causes the American Media Blackout on DR Congo

Since then, I’ve learned so much more about the beautiful country of DR Congo. Also called Congo, DRC, RDC, and former Zaire. There’s a billion dollar reason I didn’t know where it was on a map before I started planning my trip. There’s a billion dollar reason so little news of it gets to Americans. And there’s a billion dollar reason why there are so many orphans. We are the end users of highly prized devices like iPads, iPhones, and laptops that require coltan, a rare mineral found in Eastern Congo along with gold, silver, diamonds, copper and many more. Eastern Congo is a resource rich area that is terrorized by internationally financed rebels that use murderous techniques on whole communities surrounding the mines. Then the machinery moves the raw minerals around the world to manufacturers. And they eventually end up in our hands and laps without our ever suspecting that thousands of children paid for our products with their parents lives and their current suffering. The Enough Project has an excellent documentary on the supply chain of these minerals.


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