But I didn’t run.

I never went searching for some overwhelming challenge to confront and make my life whole. And I certainly didn’t look at a map and touch my finger to the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and think what a great retirement spot. I actually planned my first trip to Africa because seeing Dian Fossey’s gorillas in the wild was on my bucket list. My very first trip to Africa I landed in the Goma Airport in Eastern DRC with some medical supplies. (Supplies were provided by http://www.medwish.org/  )  It all seemed reasonable at the time. I was so terrified I was planning on dumping the supplies at the prearranged office and skipping over the border to Rwanda at sunrise. But again, I didn’t run and stayed to watch the grateful staff of a remote clinic open the boxes I had brought around the world.  And then I was hooked.


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