Orphans and Iphones (or Coltan)

What do the orphans in DR Congo have to do with the Iphone in your hand or on your person right now?
A mineral called COLTAN is found in all our convenient electronic devices. One of the rare places for mining COLTAN is in the Eastern Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa). This region has been unstable and it’s people suffered every conceivable trauma from war over these minerals for many years. High numbers of civilians have died leaving the children without parents, without food, clean water or hope. In three months time in 2012, I personally met about 2000 orphans. I raise funds and hopefully awareness about how our consumer enthusiasm for electronic devices contributes to the suffering of the innocents far away. In a JUST world, the Congolese people would have everything they need resulting from the incredible natural resources available in their country. In a JUST world, everyone who appreciates the convenience of their devices would desire to offer something back to those we took it from. I don’t know how many dollars will be spent this Christmas season on electronic gifts…but I hope more thought will go into the price being paid by the orphans and donations of “Thanks” will be sent to non-profits who support Congo. Some of them are Footprints Foundation (training Midwives), Eastern Congo Initiative (founded by Ben Affleck for advocacy for Congo), Falling Whistles (for Peace in Congo), and of course my yet to be non-profit called RN for Congo. Please copy/paste this message to your network and spread the word. We can all correct a great injustice.  Merry Christmas and Thanks.


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