“Nothing Important Happens Without Love!”

Every so often I like to post about how this journey feels. Love and excitement are the driving forces behind the building momentum of this project. I don’t “feel” as a result of circumstances but I generate love and excitement for what I know is coming very soon. Everything we’ve been taught about external circumstances coming first and then having responses in feelings…is as oppossite the truth as we can get.

Today I feel like an incredible center of radiant fire/power. Like the child of the sun with her own nuclear generator in the center of her heart. I don’t know why I’m not glowing because that’s how I feel inside. This could be called intense love, excitement and gratitude. My “circumstances” have nothing to do with it. In fact, they are pretty humbling at the moment. But I KNOW what is coming! I can feel a tremendous “premonition” about the RN for CONGO project taking off like a rocket. Words cannot describe it. I am sixty years old and have never felt this way before. When I say and feel, “Thank you God, Universe, HIgher Power” the Solar Center responds becoming more intense. Esoteric doctrines would explain this but I don’t have time to divert my intentions.


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