Healing Malaria with Sound (Cheaply)

Long before my nursing career or interest in Africa I spent years studying the healing technologies of Hulda Clark and Royal Raymond Rife. One of my big dreams/goals is to first experiment and then introduce on a wide scale the Hulda Clark healing device. She is an amazing expert in the specific sound frequencies that heal many parasites. Malaria? I plan to return to DRC with the first device for testing. My colleagues there will design the experiment to gather data for later grant proposals. If (when) the first is determined successful we will apply for grant funding to buy ten more devices. These ten will also be tested and data collected. When the devices have proven their value I will contact federal officials to see if they want to fund a large scale distribution of these devices throughout the country.

I don’t know if these sound healing devices have been tested on malaria. But if they work on malaria and nothing else, this would be a tremendous gift to the people and children of Congo. But they are also known to kill viruses and bacterial infections as well. The potential benefits are staggering. Huge geographic areas have no clinics. Many of the existing clinics have no medicine. These devices could be made portable…running off of a bicycle with solar power and a car battery. They could be used in very remote villages where there are no clinics or power.

In my vision, a $500 device is given to an orphanage. They are trained to use it on the children. So, this reduces their fees at the local clinic when children get sick. Then they can begin to use it on local community members for a small fee. If the people cannot afford a fee they can barter with food or other items for the orphans. There is no better business model I can think of that could serve the orphans medically and financially. This same model could be used to fund other humanitarian projects. This device given to a feeding program for malnourished children for instance could supply their critical funding.

So the first step is the purchase of the device. If you would like to get involved in this project please contact me to volunteer, donate or hold a fund raiser in your area. Thanks.


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