Law of Attraction and Humanitarian Dreams

After learning the fundamental rule about what I put out comes back to me I started using it to work on the specific goals I had for my work in Congo. I’d delivered seven boxes of donated medical supplies on my first trip in 2009. It gave me such great pleasure that I wanted more of that feeling. I wanted to organize a shipping container full of supplies. I know where to get that amount of donated contents but didn’t know how I would find or raise the $10,000 plus for the cargo fees. I just began visualizing that every commercial truck I saw everyday was full of medical supplies, school supplies, food, baby things, children’s shoes, eye glasses, microscopes, oxygen tanks, heart monitors and friendship gifts. During a meeting in Congo we discussed their access to government grant funding for …guess what….cargo fees for shipping containers. But they didn’t know how they would ever get it filled with supplies. So now they are working on their end…I’m working on mine. My dream WILL come true!


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