Law of Attraction and Humanitarian Dreams (Part 2)

I’ve been visualizing and doing affirmations all my life but last year I learned exactly how to do it. Before my trip to Congo I visualized daily being on all sorts and sizes of airplanes. I was traveling for free everywhere I went and looking down at the clouds enjoying the view. First, my transcontinental flight was donated and I was incredibly grateful and shocked. Then during meetings in Congo I learned that the UN had a branch called MONUSCO that ran an airline for UN Peacekeepers and humanitarian aid workers. This could be used within Congo and also to fly to the entry and departure point at Entebbe, Uganda airport. And finally during another meeting with another non-profit I learned of an organization airline called ECHO that exists exclusively to serve humanitarian workers in Congo. I will provide my name (as it appears on passport) and passport number with passport photos and home address along with the organizations I’m working with, I get an ID card, make a reservation and flash the card before boarding the airplane. This will also encourage others to come help by reducing their in-country expenses substantially!


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