For people who ask me WHY?

 WHY? Valentines for Congo?


I decided I better see gorillas in the wild while I could still hike a distance. Then realized a ticket to Africa had its greatest value in what could be taken in excess baggage. In 2009, with the help of the Red Cup Community I took seven 50 lb boxes of medical supplies to a remote village clinic.

Then I saw the first orphans. I wanted to give them the world; clean water, food, shelter, shoes, clothes, healthcare, education, love and most of all a …..VOICE!

Something that was empty inside me was filled to overflowing by Africa. Giving any little thing there filled me with pleasure. Seeing the clinic staff open the boxes of supplies on a beautiful mountaintop was a wonderful feeling. I wanted more and I still want more. We tend to return to where we feel the greatest pleasure. It’s that simple. I am a humanitarian pleasure seeker.

Children squeal with delight when given a pencil! Giving a woman some earrings brings happy tears to her eyes…mine too.

Through forces of God (or The Universe) I am invited to tour the Country and meet with prominent government officials. My trip will involve escorted travel and strategic meetings in places as distant as Vermont, NYC, OKC, Miami, Chicago and Boston. (Just a comparison of maps)

I have been representing the Union of Independent Churches and UGADEC (a huge gorilla conservation project) on the Internet. This is focused on raising awareness and recruiting mission groups/secular volunteers and establishing partnerships with other non-profits; to drill clean water wells, support impoverished women in business, provide healthcare in remote villages, and move orphanages toward financial sustainability.

I hope to film many humanitarian projects for future use on websites. And I’m traveling with an open mind to whatever new roles my hosts may have in mind for me.

I still have not seen gorillas in the wild. Maybe someday….


My current wishlist:

·Speaking invitations at churches, social/professional groups, high school/college classes.

·A multi-purpose venue for future benefit events

·Legal advice regarding establishing non-profit status

·Assistance and equipment for video blogging

·Volunteers of every expertise:

Especially IT repair

Tutoring in Excell

Advanced Web designer

Donation of Air miles

Donation of items and help with future garage sale


Circulation of this project among your Facebook and Twitter Networks



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