The Financially Sustainable Orphanage

Fact for Fiction? In a world full of orphans and precious little money, they are often at a loss for enough to feed the children much less address other important needs like consistent and loving caretakers, enough affection, stimulation, clean surroundings and clothing. Orphanages are at the mercy of the generosity of donors. I recently had a whim about how wonderful it would be to create a way that orphanages could be self-sustaining. That’s as far as the idea got for several weeks.

I recently thought of adapting a brilliant idea from Heal Africa where they offer microfinance loans to groups of pregnant women. This enables the women to start businesses from which come their clinic fees for prenatal care.

I’m imagining groups of women who might want to adopt orphans but are unable to afford caring for children. They could be required to give a specific number of hours volunteering in the orphanage (more hands…more love for the children) and at the same time be observed for their compassion and childcare skills. At the end of that time they could apply for a small business loan. This would require one or more business/loan counselors to oversee the progress of the business and give necessary training to the new businesswomen. This could perhaps be done by a local university student in exchange for some college credit. I’m still fleshing out this idea. But once it is put to practice and proven successful…it could be duplicated everywhere. And children who deserve a home would receive one.


3 thoughts on “The Financially Sustainable Orphanage

  1. I’m moved to my soul to hear about your upcoming trip. You’ve clearly stepped into your Destiny and that’s why the road is being made clear for you. Sister, every step you take from now on is blessed and your way is clear. I’m honored to know you.

    I love the idea of will-be adoptive mothers and pregnant mothers learning business skills, getting microfinance loans, providing care for orphans, etc. and your thoughts about starting an online business are interesting too. You’re onto something. Stay with it and it’ll take shape.

    My friend Beverly started an orphanage in Kathmandu and quickly learned the kids weren’t orphans. In many cases, the father abandons the family and the mothers have no education nor job skills so they can’t care for their children. So in addition to the orphanage, Beverly started an adult learning center for women as well as a vocational center. Among other things, they create laptop sleeves, toys, purses, etc. out of felt and Beverly sells them back home in NYC. She constantly adapts and improves things. When the frequent power outages negatively impacted the kids’ ability to study in the evenings so she asked for donated solar equipment, including one revved up by bicycle power. The kids taking turn cycling while the others study…fitness and learning and ingenuity! I visited the orphanage while I was in Nepal and it was one of the happiest experiences of my life. You can learn more at

    Keep on keepin on. It’s so inspiring to see your journey unfold.

    • I am so amazed at the support I receive for my work. Thank you so much for yours…ever present. I know I’d love your friend Beverly. Give her my greetings. And do you have any information about the source of donated Solar Equipment? I could sure use a contact. Love you too.

    • Dallas, Thank you for your wonderful message of support. It leaves me pretty speechless. I’m thinking of printing it out and hanging it on my wall so I can see it on a daily basis. It’s true my life has just become magical and growing more so everyday. I am honored to know you as well. It’s only in this amazing time can we say such things to someone we have yet to meet and hug in person. I look forward to that day. Blessings.

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