Financially Sustainable Orphanage Part 3

About four months ago I started questioning the whole concept of charity supported orphanages. After some discouraging experiences in fund raising I realized that I could not fairly expect others to understand let alone contribute money to my personal passion. I began to develop an idea by which orphanages are able to run small businesses and support themselves. I have considered several business ideas that still might be feasible.

But I have recently read Timothy Ferris’ book the 4-Hour-Workweek and found it very practical and inspiring. He starts with encouraging readers to define┬áthe greatest dream of their lives…put a monetary cost on its achievement and then design an internet business from the beginning with the end goal as the guiding focus.

In my case, I want orphans to have everything they need. I want to start with one orphanage and finance them with an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. Whether I’m at home in the States or on extended stays in DRC I want an income stream for myself and for the children. In terms of time investment I believe it’s more efficient to operate an online business than to plan and execute charity events.

Once I learn how to run the first business and provide for the needs of the first orphanage…I’d be able to move to the next and teach these methods to reproduce the model…and so on. Stay tuned for progress reports and links to the Tim Ferris Network of Forward thinkers.


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