Financially Sustainable Orphanage Part 2

Sole Hope (link) gave me an idea to visit one of their programs in Uganda to see how it’s all done. They make shoes for children. Fabric is recycled from old jeans and (upholstery remnants), cut out at group parties in US and shipped to Africa where they are assembled by workers for fair trade wage and sold affordably for children’s use. See photos of children with jigger wounds for why children need shoes. I think older children in orphanages might be taught to make these shoes.

Another idea is for an initial investment in a working commercial kitchen…to produce bread for the children in addition to bread to sell at the marketplace.

There are sound healing machines that kill parasites for a very small fee. These could be used to keep the children healthy and also provide service in exchange for donations from the community.

Similarly, cell phone charging is a lucrative business with little upfront investment. An orphanage sponsor could offer this service for fee to support their expenses. I’m just thinking outloud and very open to innovators with better ideas to leave your comments here. Thanks.


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