In 2008 I Did Not Know Where Congo (DRC) Was

UGADEC Corridor (DRC)Receiving this little map made me feel so good. In 2008 before my trip I didn’t know where DR Congo was. Now a portion of the country that protects gorillas and has too many orphans has a very important place in my heart. This is a map of the UGADEC region in Eastern DRC. All of the green portions are currently protected habitat for gorillas and 250 other species of mammal and bird. I am giving UGADEC a voice via Social Networking until I can offer my services more directly while living there. These Nature Reserves are vulnerable to the populations that desperately need a way to survive. I can’t say I would do any differently if I was lacking enough to eat or feed my children. So, the answer to establishing long term security for these forests is in service to the human communities nearby. Each small blue box containing a white “H” is the location of a clinic or hospital. I don’t know the conditions of these places but they are likely in poor repair, unstaffed or in desperate need of supplies and medicine. The “H’ in the upper right is Mulinde, the clinic I visited in 2009 on an incredibly beautiful mountaintop. In context the nearby Lake Edward is a good landmark if you want to see this area on Google Earth.

Due to the very remote regions inhabited by these communities they are often overlooked by charitable organizations already at work in DR Congo. My goal is to move there and work at an orphanage. But in the meantime I am reaching out to potential partner NGOs who might help with reforestation, orphan care, microfinance, support clinics, offer feeding programs for malnourished children, train midwives, build or refurbish clinics, drill clean water wells, prevent malaria, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, Typhoid and so on. Whatever a single volunteer or NGO has as a focus…it is needed in this region. Any act of service here serves multiple purposes including the preservation of gorilla habitat. This area is unique in all the world. Please meet what is called the UGADEC Corridor.


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