The Power by Rhonda Byrnes

I highly recommend the audiobook, The Power by Rhonda Byrnes for anyone attempting to achieve the impossible…or at least the very improbable. It is a five CD series that I’ve listened to dozens of times. I spend perhaps an hour a day as a discipline. Ms. Byrnes is known for the movie she produced called, The Secret. The gist of her message is that God or the force of love is waiting and wanting to satisfy all of our desires. But instead of a pleading type prayer..this Force of Love only understands and responds to our most focused radiation of love and gratitude ourselves. She encourages aspiring to an emotional state of constant gratitude and appreciation method to Attract the future events and circumstances we hope to bring forth in our lives. At first, I attempted to achieve that “feeling” just once everyday. And now after some practice I find I can spend most of the day in this state of happiness, love and gratitude. As I have grown in my practice I have seen some really amazing movement forward in my goals. And I’m beyond grateful for this teaching that has made a tremendous difference in my life.


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