The Power of Internet

The Internet is a powerful tool for humanitarian non-profits, and I have barely scratched the surface. Last month, Twitter and Facebook was the catalyst to help facilitate the delivery of Medical Textbooks from my house in Oklahoma City to Kampala, Uganda.

It also strengthened the links in a chain necessary to fill a 40-foot shipping container full of donated medical supplies (See the list of items and my personal “thank you” here). The internet and social media has enabled me to initiate partnerships with two very promising non-profits. The first is a conservation organization and the second is a solar energy group called Solar Sisters dedicated to empowering women.

After two years I am finally in touch with the Secretary of the UGADEC (Union of Associations for Gorilla Conservation and Community Development in eastern DRC)  puts a whole new vista of potentially rewarding projects at my doorstep. Since my infancy of having a presence on-line, I can foresee the great need that UGADEC has to be represented worldwide. With their permission, I will make a Youtube video about the Gorilla Conservation Project and it’s many human communities in need. And then follow up with video content once I’m living there. I am a visionary capable of contemplating projects that are way beyond my personal reach. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved with the help of partnering organizations.


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