Thank You Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs gave us the world! Our electronics now give us communication, entertainment, social, business, fund-raising connections at our fingertips. His gift is no less revolutionary than was indoor plumbing or the first electricity. Our electronics only come in second place to our cars. There is an outpouring now of justifiable gratitude for his legacy.

But would you pay for your laptop, iPod, iPad, iPhone with the lives of your parents? Of course not! But hundreds…no…thousands of children have lost their parents for our conveniences and luxuries. They live in ill-equipped orphanages without enough food, healthcare, shoes and most of all enough love or affection. One in five will then keep paying with their own lives from preventable illnesses caused by lack of clean water.

This is not to instill guilt but to inspire awareness and action. None of us once we know this cause and effect want to support this chain reaction. Most people once aware of global child labor changed their purchasing habits to child friendly manufacturers.

The term “Conflict Minerals” comes from the minerals used in all our electronic devices that violent criminals have obtained and sold to our manufacturers.

I am by no means willing to give up my computer or telephone. But right NOW during this wave of gratitude for the legacy Steve Jobs left us, let’s add to the wave..action to stop this chain and help these children. They have paid severely for devices they will never own.

I wish every time someone in the world said: call me, text me, post me, message me, email me, tweet me, repost this, retweet that, google this, attach this, friend me, download or upload this, blog this, join this forum….a dollar was donated to a charity serving DR Congo. Please friend me on Facebook ( $1) at Send OKC Nurse to DR Congo Or Follow me on Twitter ($1) at rnforcongo. Or read my blog ($1) at


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