Microfinance is the Best Pay-it-Forward Plan

All donors to charities are justifiably concerned that their funds be used in the best possible way and toward their intended goals. There are donations that are spent as soon as they arrive. Buying shoes, medicine, food, supplies. All these are extremely necessary. But small business loans keep on giving…it seems without end to the number of lives they can improve. For example, HEAL Africa http://www.healafrica.org/ in Goma, DR Congo is a Medical Center. They offer groups of eight to ten pregnant women a small business loan with business counseling and ongoing support. The women start a business and pay the Medical Center for their prenatal care out of their profits. When the loan is paid back, it is then loaned again to another group of pregnant women. So a $20 donation has a very long life of impacting one group after the next and several groups of newborns off to a good start. Part of my goal is to bring this sustainable financial model to orphanages. My vision is foggy so far and I have much to learn. But perhaps instead of donations that are spent directly on food, shoes and medical care they can be applied to a business model that would provide these necessities over a much longer time. Please support my fund-raising project to go to #DRC for one year and offer my nursing services to these children. Go to my Facebook Page and click “Like” and follow me on Twitter (rnforcongo) so I can grow my Social Network Support System. Leave me your comments. I’d love to hear your ideas. 🙂


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