How to Keep Going in the Face of All Logic to the Contrary

Too Young to be a mother and without shelter.

Look closely at this photo.  A young girl, maybe seven or eight years old, carries an infant on her back. They are sibling orphans.

At any time in the DR Congo, you can look in any direction and see several of these sibling sets. I don’t know where they sleep. I don’t know what or how they eat. She is walking along, patting the bricks. The half-finished orphanage; a shelter she hopes to live in one day. The construction of this orphanage is stalled due to lack of funding. This image is how I keep going when things seem impossible or at least improbable. I know I am needed there to care for these children. To bring medical supplies, knowledge and to help generate funding to build her and the others a home. I know the improbable happens everyday, I just have to get there.


3 thoughts on “How to Keep Going in the Face of All Logic to the Contrary

  1. Dear Kathryn,

    We would like to thank you once more for your love and wonderful plan you have to assist our churches in the DR Congo. The Holy Spirit has already proved your choice as missionary of the UEIC churches in our country.
    Kathryn, after a war that has lasted more than 12 years, most of our churches have been destroyed and so many are built with non lasting materials (wood). Children, many of them being orphans, don’t accede to schools for lack of financial means. Many widows were left alone without any means, after their husbands have been killed in these wars and some others died of HIV/AIDS.
    There is also bad governance in our country, which is not allowing our churches to go forward. However, we would like to insure you that we will keep praying so that God guide you in this heavy responsibility of our churches.
    Any volunteer you will find will be most welcome. We will really provide them with housing.
    Reverend Tombo Wilondja Emmanuel

  2. Dear Reverend Tombo,
    Thank you so much for visiting my Blog! I look forward to working with you and representing your churches and their many programs to the best of my ability and love. Kathryn

  3. Dear Cathryn,
    I m verry sure that you are loving so much the congolese people.You are destineted by God to help this people; with the talent are you given by him.
    May God bless you.
    Reverend Tombo Wilondja

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