The One Eternal Life.

Something has happened to me recently that I need to poetically describe. However I lack the talent. If I really contemplate life…all natural life from every biological interplay of every species and every individual who’s heart is beating on two or four legs or two wings gliding over an immeasurable panorama of more life…the wind breathed in and out of lungs of living things, gently or strongly waving down through leaves in melodies. When it rains or shines because of all functions nearby or far away. It’s not possible to comprehend the entire single dynamic interchanging life that is Nature and Cosmos. But I’m moving toward encompassing more and more of it at once. I sprang from this and I am sustained by it. My heart beats because of it, my lungs feed my bloodstream from oxygen sent from the tree friends. It is billions of years old and will live on for billions more. From my point of view this is eternal. I sprang from stardust and Earth dust, I sprang from ocean and forest, I sprang from early primates. Every part of this one life is my Mother/Father. If I could reach my arms out like the wind I would embrace it and say thank you for the honor of being a part of you for this little while. This immense LIFE is my ancestry and my legacy forever. I adore this One Eternal Life. I am grateful for the senses and education to perceive it as one grand being with whom I’m an honorary guest for this generous wonderful experience.


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