Meeting with the President of my workplace.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the president of the hospital where I work. I got a 15 minute meeting by approaching him at the new employee’s mandatory meeting. Our meeting went to 60 minutes when I felt guilty and started packing up.  I’m always surprised at how my greed for these children drives me out of my comfort zone. But he was personal and gracious…asking questions about what makes me tick, how did I first get involved etc. I tried to explain how my trip to Africa changed my life so completely. I believe I let him know who I am and how deeply I want to help these children. I prepared a short slide show and timed it. I believe the photos I took of a surgical procedure in Africa met there best use. I was able to point out how surgical tools, masks, gloves, sterile drapes and a blood pressure cuff were unpacked from my boxes the day before. I suggested that our hospital being a surgical center could establish a “Sister” Hospital relationship with the little Mulinde Ngila Clinic.  He’s a man that speaks to people like me that are passionate about one cause or another…three times a week. But he was very gracious. He asked me to brain storm and write a list of how I saw this “Sister” relationship. Then he would take the list to “his people”, the decision makers and they could go through it according to legal restrictions and make decisions about each item. I’m relieved it’s over. I’m glad I did it. I hope….I hope…I always hope.


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