My new friend returns from Congo

I want two things everyday. I want to laugh until I can hardly breathe. And I want to be moved to tears of joy. A new friend who I’ve not met in person just returned from Congo. She was gracious and trusting enough to take some advise about how thrilling it is to take Medical Supplies (or anything for that matter) to Africa.  I had an experience that was profoundly rewarding…heart filling up and spilling over rewarding. I don’t know many other people who understand this experience or feeling. So, now I have one friend who gets it on the deepest level. I’m so grateful for her understanding and willingness to spread the word. There was an empty “American” place in my heart that was filled by my experience in Africa. One could seriously question who needs who more.  I need Africa deeply. If I can pay it forward and bring back a few things they need….then I am happy to do it. Thanks for giving me the tears of  joy for today.


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