Poem Six Degrees of Suffering (Part 6 of 6) by Lauren Zuniga

Compassion means to suffer with.
No matter the drought in our veins,
or the hatred in our chests, we were
given this name at birth. It is the journey
through the heart of darkness. It is the
moment we stop believing in separation.
We are made of the same bone and ash
and earth. We are made of smile and song
and mountain. Sometimes the destruction
seems too much to undo but we keep building.
Hand by hand, brick by brick. Sometimes
the pain of turning our eyes toward the sun
seems too much to endure. But we keep turning.
In that moment, suffering becomes a soft
spring dress. A gift from our Mother.

{Written for Brick by Brick a benefit organized by
The Well to help build an orphange in the Congo.}


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