Our First Dinner Fund Raiser was a success.

We had a dinner at the Oklahoma City History Center for 200 people.  We were able to display dozens of poster size enlargements of photos of the children and the partially constructed orphanage around the room. These photos were beautiful enlargements printed on stretched canvas. We had a live and silent auction. Thanks to everyone who donated items or free dinner coupons. Ben Kalala was our guest speaker from Atlanta Georgia, a special man with huge plans for Congo.  He runs an organization that has built another orphanage in South Central Congo and announced his intention to run for President of Congo in 2011.  Xola, the singer songwriter from Seattle attended singing “ooh, ooh, child…things are gonna get easier…ooh, ooh, child things will be brighter!” That one really got to me because very little needs to happen to improve the lives of these little ones.  And last but not least was my friend and poet Lauren Zuniga (check out her website) who wrote and performed a poem that helped express feelings I could never put into words.  She was amazing and moving and a great blessing to the event. What an incredible spirit she has. I’m asking her permission to post her poem on this blog…so I hope it will be here for you to read very soon.  I did a poster board with photos of the clinic and the children. I wrote that one in every five children die before their fifth birthdays. And inexpensive doses of antibiotics and parasite/malaria medicine can really save their lives. This is worth skipping a Coke, Cafe latte, or bag of chips…don’t you think?


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