Dog tired from Fund Raiser Preparations

I need to confess that asking for help of any kind is far, far outside my comfort zone. Just not one of those aspects of my personality.  So, how badly do I really want to represent infants and children who have absolutely no one to remember them, love them, know how much they matter? Even children with nothing…or maybe especially children with nothing deserve a voice in this world.  So, that means I have to ask, beg , cajole for help no matter how much it makes my hairs stand on end.  Should I let my comfort get in the way of their needs? I’m really tired  and uncomfortable with our upcoming dinner. But then I see a photo of a little face. I remember they have no safety nets; no Food Stamps, no Medicaid, no Human Services. If not me than who else? I need some sleep and to focus on things like ladybugs and butterflies (ref: Pretty Little Dresses).


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