A proper African woman?

So we hired a couple of motorcycle taxis and headed into the town center. Frederick waving at everyone like some kind of celebrity. He showed me through the crowded maze of the outdoor market and negotiated some good Rwandan prices on African fabrics. We swung by a shop in town where the community center sold all kinds of the products they make. Then we returned to the center where I was measured for a proper African dress. I told them that skin color might be a problem but I wanted them to make me a proper African woman if that was possible. The next day, Frederick drove an hour to deliver the finished product and insisted I try it on for photographs. It was all a blast.

Take a look at his photograph. He glows with love and joy. How he does this is a testament to his faith. When I’m around him I feel like I’m in the rarified presence of someone who lives on a very different level of spiritual development. Keeping in mind what horrors he has experienced…he likes to say,” nothing important happens without love and love doesn’t happen without forgiveness!” FORGIVENESS? Could I ever do that?

Proud Frederick posing in the Workshop

Mosaic Artist

My new dress and Frederick on right.


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