New Fund Raising Project

When I got back from my trip I spent six months fund raising, mailing out project proposals for grants etc. I did a power point presentation that when all was said and done I raised $50! I realized it is not in me to try to make someone who doesn’t care about children in Africa to care and donate something. I can’t expect them to comprehend what had struck me so deeply during my trip. I then realized that I could place myself in a position to raise money as people bought whatever they needed online. They would buy it anyway and I could donate my commissions to my cause. Instead of trying to sell an African craft that I brought back, I could just place myself in an industry where I can profit from people’s ordinary purchases. They buy what they need and I donate whatever I can to the project. If you’d like to be someone who contributes in this way, check out my shopping website at   In the future there will be advertising on this site. I hope my readers understand that any purchase made through these advertisements will contribute to some very deserving children in DRCongo. Once I learn this business I also fantasize selecting individuals in Africa who’s lives are committed to service to others and teaching them how to do this too.


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