Thrift Store Men’s Shirts

I couldn’t believe the extreme pleasure I had in giving gifts away. I brought some things from around my house: jewelry I no longer wore, some colored pencils I didn’t need etc. I got so much pleasure from giving these away that I started going into my suitcase to see what else I brought that might make good gifts. I had purchased some nearly new designer men’s shirts at a thrift store for $3.00 each to use against the ever popular mosquitos. Well, I never did have mosquito problems and no longer needed the long sleeve shirts. So, I began sizing up people who had helped us…our cook, our driver etc. I took a designer shirt out to our cook and he snatched it like it was $100 bill. He could not have been more delighted and neither could I. Of course I went back to the thrift store on the day you could fill a brown grocery bag with whatever you could stuff in there for $5.00 and loaded up on gifts to bring back.


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