The Peppermints

We got a flat tire and our driver was working on changing the tire. Anytime the car is not in motion, swarms of children come out of nowhere and swarm the car. Five or six children deep surrounding the entire car. I rolled my window down and began playing making a puppet stage out of the rolled down window frame and carrying on with my little finger puppets and a high pitched funny voice speaking what little French I knew. All the kids were delighted and giggled. I had four peppermint flavored breath mints left in a little box. So I made a”shhhh”, secret sign with my finger to my lips not to tell the others so I could give at least the closest four children a peppermint each. When I put a little round peppermint in each little hand I watched them all bite the tiny candy into four pieces and hand three to each of their friends. I was shocked at their generosity at such an early age.


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