Gorilla necklace gift.

I had a little necklace with a small statue of a gorilla that I purchased at our local zoo. I had spent hundreds of hours in the company of a special Silverback there. That’s another wonderful story I will someday tell here. But once I had enjoyed my gorilla necklace and it finally landed in my jewelry box unused…I decided to take it to Africa. The area where we stayed is a village adjacent to the first National Gorilla Nature Reserve. So the community is very proud of their gorillas. I gave our driver this gorilla necklace as I was leaving and he put it on and puffed up like a proud peacock very pleased to have it. He stood square shouldered and tall waiting for his friends to notice it. Which they did. He was so happy. When I got home I found a source on the Internet that sells to zoos all around the country and found a great wholesale price so I can bring a large supply of these necklaces back when I go.


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