More on the Big Picture of Tayna Orphans Project

This tremendous accomplishment is the joint achievement of many dedicated individuals;

Co-Director Pierre Kakule of DFGFI in Congo…..who donated a $20,000 conservation award to build the first school in the Tayna Reserve.

Two American Women and friends of mine Debi and Mary who saw a need and raised $33,000 to construct an orphanage for 300 war orphans. They have recently formed a non-profit named “the Well” that is a division of No Boundaries International located in Edmond Oklahoma.

Dr. Kalondi the Medical Director of the new Mulinde Ngila clinic at the who works tirelessly 7 days a week and on call every night. (I am seeking a donated laptop to empower this deserving doctor to run the clinic/hospital and access needed medical information via the Internet.

Not to mention the many teachers at the school who often work without pay for months at a time when money for their salaries in not available.

As a nurse, my involvement started with a recent first trip to the Tayna Nature Preserve transporting donated medical supplies from the US.  After I worked out the logistics and fund-raising for the cost of shipping, the process was relatively simple and could be duplicated by others who are traveling to Africa. I am hoping to recruit other couriers for the medical supplies since my own travels cannot keep up with the need for the supplies at the target clinics.

The Plan: I hope to stay for 6 months as a Public Health Nurse working with the Medical Clinic to assess the needs of the community and recruit and teach local Community Healthcare Workers on subjects like Hygiene, Family Planning, HIV/Venereal Disease Prevention, malaria prevention, parasite prevention, nutrition, childcare from a health perspective, etc. After a needs assessment, I want to  establish supplemental feeding programs or a malnutrition treatment program at the clinic since insufficient nutrition is a common cause of many other health problems. I my greatest dream is achieved, I would spend ½ the year working there and the other half fund raising at home in Oklahoma City.

I’m raising funds for my travel and accommodation expenses, shipping of medical cargo, medicine and vitamins. I will also purchase health teaching tools, medical books and a laptop for the clinic, food supplies for feeding a program. Once I learn more about using this blogging site I hope to post photographs of the trip and the individuals I’ve described above. I think everyone should get to know them for the wonderful dedication they have shown this amazing project.


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